Seeking a law student, attorney, or patent agent intending to take the US Patent Examination

Candidates should be interested in going into patent/trademark law. The position is work-from-home, work from anywhere, 1099-contract basis only, no benefits.

One thing not taught in law school: finding new clients. Yet business-development is the most important skill an attorney can have.

Would prefer someone planning on taking the Patent Exam. If you don't know what that is, this may not be the position for you. 

Need someone to work on finding new patent/trademark clients for this firm. As part of doing that, as tasks come in, the applicant may be involved in completing those tasks, thereby acquiring skill and experience. This is a temporary position in which Applicants can build real-world skills and learn the profession, perhaps moving full-time into another law firm if desired. This position should be viewed as temporary, not an ending point.

The position is for candidates who want to learn the profession, but may have limited time or availability. Or, have a full-time job that pays the bills. IOW, a person who wants to get into IP, perhaps through the side-door rather than the front door.

Helpful skills would be understanding of Instagram, skill with setting up You Tube channels, contacting businesses doing product development in key specific areas (cold-contact, but not using Spam), and/or strategic use of LinkedIn for making contacts. 

These are all necessary to compete for business in an over-saturated legal market in which there are way too many attorneys, including way too many patent attorneys.

Having an interest or previous experience in software development, semiconductors, medical devices and medical back-office software, natural gas fracking, cryptocurrency, nuclear power especially thorium reactors, hemp/agribusiness, and trade show experience could also be helpful. 

The tasks will be flexible and based on what the candidate is best at, and is most interested in. However, the overall driving force will always be business development, bringing new clients to the firm. That has to be first. The intricacies of patent law and trademark law will come up, so that the candidate's proficiency will improve as a result, but first and foremost must be business development.

Countries of biz-development include but are not limited to China, Mexico, members of the Euro-Community, among many others. As such, language skill in a specific country could be helpful.

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