Why a Virtual Law Office?


International Client Base: Office Space becoming Passe

We have clients from all over the world. Further, we have met only about 40% of our clients in person. Earlier we tried having office space, but almost all of our business came through word of mouth, Internet, and other referrals. We seldom needed the space, and finally gave it up. Our staff all work remotely, through the cloud.

The patent process usually involves an extensive amount of document-exchange and review, after having seen in the invention. As such, very little of the patent-disclosure process occurs in an office.

On those rare occasions where an in-person meeting is critical, we will rent a conference room or other facility. We can also meet at your preferred Trade Show, if you are Exhibiting.  Our law firm attends a lot of trade shows. Our favorite thing to do is to come see your invention in-person. This is optimal, but not always possible. We are Florida-based, with some availability in Kentucky, Texas, Arizona, and California.

Where possible/feasible, we may come to you

With today's modern cameras and non-public cloud storage video uploads, we can usually learn what we need to know about an invention without having to see it and touch it in person. But make no mistake, patent disclosures are always a learning process, on both sides. We will ask a  lot of questions, and push our inventors for information. Most inventors, even the most polite and earnest inventors in the entire world, just don't grasp what information we need and what we can't use. In 22 years we have never seen an exception to this. We will need this in order to build an effective 15-20 page disclosure that increases your chances of getting an Issuance.

Also, depending on where you are located, and if we have a trade show or an event nearby, we may come to you. But usually this is more for business-model reasons, more for understanding the business model surrounding the invention, than the invention itself.

Again, we can also meet at your preferred Trade Show, if you are Exhibiting. As stated,  our law firm attends a lot of trade shows. We may already be at yours!

What kind of support are you seeking?

YouTube Channel explaining nuances of the patent system

Patents are complicated, and prose-text advice and examples can only take you so far. Some things are better explained by video.  We hope you enjoy our YouTube channel, and\or our site. Certainly take a moment to drop us a line.

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This site is to help inventors make informed decisions. Most of the people that contact us will end up not hiring us. That's OK, we are here to provide information and build credibility. Next, our business practices and information exchange work better over e-mail than voice. Within e-mail, we can also incorporate important links and documents that inventors often need. Further, with e-mail, both sides have an accurate record of what was sent, what was communicated, and what was not.

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