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Don't say "software", say "computer-implemented"


For the queries "how to patent an app idea", "can you patent an app", "can i patent an app","is software patentable", "can you patent a business model", "patent website idea", "can you patent a business idea", "can you patent an app idea", "can i patent a business idea", "how much to patent an app", "how to patent a business idea", "can you patent a website", "can a process be patented", "app intellectual property", "business patent", "patent an idea for an app as a student", "copyright business idea", "protect app idea", "how to patent a process", and "can you patent a business model", the answers are pretty much YES, but this is a tricky area. The US Patent Office and the federal courts is putting pressure in this area. There are too many conflicting and contradictory patents, many of which never should have been Issued.

All of this information is discussed in an entirely separate website here.

One key to being successful in getting a patent on anything, but especially on a biz-model, is in how well you can document and describe the exact and specific features of your biz-model.

Regarding the query "what inventions can be patented", there are so many different ways to answer this, its hard to know where to begin. A good start might be . . . "does your invention produce some useful, tangible result?"

The exact legal standard for determining this is difficult to briefly explain, but one starting place would be "35 USC 101". Do a Google search on this, and judge for yourself.

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