types and categories of services

legal/attorney services

patent application drafting and filing

patent search reports

patentability Opinions

freedom-to-operate Opinions

commercialization search reports (much more important than a mere patent search, involves canvassing marketplaces most likely to contain similar inventions, e.g. Amazon, YouTube, Google, eBay, various crowdfunding platforms. It is very important for patent counsel to clearly understand an invention's intended marketplace. A patent application should act as a strategic document that should be worth something to a potential licensee positioned within that specific marketplace. Many suitable inventions that could be considered competitors or of interest to a Licensee may not be patented at all.

trademark prosecution

trademark litigation

expert witness (using litigation experience, experience as a former patent Examiner)

LLC filing and Operating Agreements

contract documents defining relationships between inventors and service providers

non-attorney services

All of the below have widely-varying $billing $rates. These services are chosen and offered partly because they are the types of tasks that many inventors dislike and would prefer to delegate. Even worse, other inventors often hope that these tasks will not need to be performed at all.

We sometimes get chosen to perform these services because our law firm often has a very firm clear idea of the scope and content of the invention, usually second only to the inventor herself.

  • attending industry-specific trade shows on behalf of clients

  • finding new business channels and potential new customers for clients

  • assisting in the commercialization of inventions

  • developing relationships with outside capital and investors

  • shoring up and clarifying relationships between inventors and existing investors

  • sometimes advising clients "its time to give up, cease spending money, stop the bleeding"

  • finding, negotiating with, and vetting service providers for clients and inventors

  • completing grant applications and applications for participating in entrepreneurship competitions and invention competitions

  • completing and filing quickie-rush provisional patent applications to provide at least some protection prior to the public disclosure that arises with invention competitions

  • providing copyright filing and assistance, strategic counsel, including explain to people how to file their own copyright application  at copyright.gov  

  • assisting with accounting and tax strategies for inventors and small businesses, including how to properly document expenses and when and where they can be deducted and when not

  • extensive experience with properly developing, seeding, and pre-launch canvassing  of Crowdfunding campaigns

  • assistance with Google Adwords, including using Google Adwords as a way of measuring effectiveness of a particular brand and brand-identity

  • helping authors get their books finished and published

  • extensive Rolodex of trustworthy reliable service providers that can work with inventors and small businesses 

  • setting up YouTube channel for clients

  • providing assistance with political campaigns, including website and donation management