Principal attorney


Chris Tanner, Esq.

Patent Attorney: 21 years

Patent Examiner, US Patent Office: 1998-1999

Patent Inventor, Engineer, and Product Developer: 7 U.S. Patents

College Professor, Patent/Trademark Law: Johns Hopkins College of Business, 1999-2003

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Florida Atlantic University 1989

Virtual Law Practice

A solo practice (at present), but with a lot of support. Mr. Tanner works with a variety of service providers and professionals across several industries.

Approximately 40-45 active clients (with another 10-15 inactive clients)

Mr. Tanner has an extensive book of business at present, mostly patent prosecution but also some trademark. Mr. Tanner would consider arrangements with other counsel if the compatibility of practices was suitable. 


Strong believer in daily exercise.

Strong believer in spending at least part of every day outside:  away from car, away from office, away from home, away from any computer screen (either stationary or mobile). To breathe, re-focus, digest the events of the day, and plan.

Most patent and trademark engagements do not result in directly meeting the client in-person, but when in-person meetings occur, it is preferred that these meetings involve moving around, talking while walking, and being outside. Florida is a beautiful state, has many pleasant walkways. 

Taking walks and hikes sometimes results in obtaining information from a client that may not otherwise have been discussed, possibly due to higher oxygen to the brain, and/or the stress-reduction commonly associated with walking. 

A typical practice is to interview clients about their inventions using a digital recorder, often over the telephone but in person in some cases.

This law practice involves a lot of travel. Have taken in-person invention-disclosures in Florida, Kentucky, Michigan, Georgia, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, and California.

Occasional sufferer of Vertigo (not the movie). Sometimes use this resource for support.