Our Policies

To pay via credit card, please supply an e-mail address and we will e-mail an Invoice, payable by credit card, to that e-mail address.  

At present we achieve this through  If you have another provider you prefer, please let us know.

Our office never sees any specific credit card information, and thus we cannot retain or breach such information. After processing and settlement, we receive payment directly from

We also do business via PayPal.  Please inquire to us for the specific details.

In 2018 and beyond, immediate\electronic payment should be the conventional payment mechanism. 

Admittedly, there are still some businesses that still do transactions via check and postal mail. However, this practice is becoming more and more antiquated, and is no more secure than electronic payments. 

Regarding checks and postal mail, regardless of deadlines, no work will begin until the check is received.