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Our $Rates

Provisional patent application:  typically $1300-$2300 (includes $70/$140 filing fee)

Utility patent application:  typically $2100-$4300  (does not include $430/$785 filing fee)

Application for Federal Trademark Registration:  $1100 flat fee (includes $275 Filing Fee), managing the application through 2 Office Actions. If more than 2 Office Actions are needed, the application is likely in serious trouble and will likely require other steps.  

Also, these rates apply to "Actual Use" trademark filings only.  "Intent to Use" (ITU) have a different fee scale and different processing.  This law firm tries to avoid filing ITU TM applications, although it is sometimes necessary.

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Non-Legal services

We have been working with inventors and small businesses for many years, and offer numerous non-legal services of use to inventors.  These can include but are not limited to setting up Google Adwords, Crowdfunding Campaigns, finding suitable Service Providers, getting inventions built and into production, attending Trade Shows, meeting with investors and outside capital, and many other services typically need by an inventor and/or small business.

inventor-support services

Inventor FAQs

Inventor FAQs