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Get a rough idea of what this process will cost you, and how long it will take.

our rates

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Patents take a long time, and the costs continue to accrue long after filing. Make sure to be fully aware of this.

patent strategy

our payment mechanisms


Electronic payments are de rigueur at this law firm.

patent strategy


Patents are not easy, and there are tons of ways to waste money and make mistakes. We get patents quickly, at reduced expense, yet without surrendering any scope of protection.

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Example $Rates (not a price-commitment)

Provisional patent application:  typically $1300-$2300 (includes $70/$140 filing fee)

Utility patent application:  typically $3100-$4500  (does not include $430/$785 filing fee)

Remember that with Utility patent applications, on-going expenses occur. Utility patent applications can be a considerable cash-drain, even after paying the filing fees.

Application for Federal Trademark Registration:  $1100 flat fee (includes $275 Filing Fee), managing the application through 2 Office Actions. If more than 2 Office Actions are needed, the application is likely in serious trouble and will likely require other steps.  

Also, these rates apply to "Actual Use" trademark filings only.  "Intent to Use" (ITU) have a different fee scale and different processing.  This law firm tries to avoid filing ITU TM applications, although sometimes they are necessary.

Non-Legal Inventor-Related services

We have been working with inventors and small businesses for many years, and offer numerous non-legal services for inventors.  These can include but are not limited to setting up Google Adwords, finding suitable Service Providers, getting inventions built and into production, attending Trade Shows, meeting with investors and outside capital, Crowdfunding Campaigns and many other services typically need by an inventor and/or small business.

inventor-support services

Payment Mechanisms

How to Pay Us


To pay via credit card, please supply an e-mail address and we will e-mail an Invoice, payable by credit card, to that e-mail address.  

At present we achieve this through  If you have another provider you prefer, please let us know.

Our office never sees any specific credit card information, and thus we cannot retain or breach such information. After processing and settlement, we receive payment directly from

We also do business via PayPal.  Please inquire to us for the specific details.

In 2019 and beyond, immediate\electronic payment should be the conventional payment mechanism. 

Admittedly, there are still some businesses that still do transactions via check and postal mail. However, this practice is becoming more and more antiquated, and is no more secure than electronic payments. 

Regarding checks and postal mail, regardless of deadlines, no work will begin until the check is received. 


Patent strategy

Quick Allowance, lower costs

At this law firm, we get Patents Allowed as quickly as possible, even if the claims are not optimal. The rights to stronger claims are still preserved. 

We get you filed, get you "patent pending", even if its something as simple as your business plan or your pitch deck.

WE GET YOU THAT EARLY ALLOWANCE! Its cheaper, its faster, to do it this way. And we still preserve your rights to stronger claims. Just remember, "stronger takes longer", along with "takes more $$".


Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Even better, don't let the perfect be the enemy of the cost-effective. An early Priority Date can turn out to be really important. File what you have! Either file it yourself, or have us do it, but get filed! 

PROVISIONALS: a "patent on training wheels".

Not perfect, not optimal, just one step in a longer process. Remember, even Pam Anderson started out in a "training bra". And look how that business developed!

secure file repository



We work with DropBox, for those of our customers that prefer this. Further, we feature DropBox in our section on applying to Y-Combination, which can be found here.

Google Cloud


We work with Google Cloud, for those of our customers that prefer this.