Welcome to the world of Hemp-related patents

This section is going to get much longer, we are just getting started. Suffice to say that Hemp-related products are protectable, testable, not illegal, and the US Patent Office stands ready to give your patent application serious consideration. The Farm Bill of 2018 is only part of the reason. The fact is, hemp-innovations have been protectable for many years. The problem was, Hemp and Hemp-commerce has suffered from an image-problem, unfortunately. We hope to help Hemp become more mainstream and more accepted. Lets work together to achieve this!

Next however, we need to dispel a common misunderstanding. The US Patent system permits and in fact requires that Patent Examiners carefully review all available Prior Art, not just patents. Do not assume that because you cannot find a patent similar to your invention, that you will be granted a patents. Such reasoning is wrong, false, erroneous, and will lead to disappointment.

Below are some patent drawings for various hemp-innovations. To get a patent, you will need drawings like the below. However, give us your sketches, your digital photos, your line drawings, and let us convert these into the proper patent-ready patent-statutory format. In other words, you inventors don't need to make drawings exactly like the below. Instead, but just make sure to properly sketch out your ideas and concepts, and let us do the rest!

Finally, we hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line. We want to hear from more hemp-inventors. This is a hot area that at present is hugely misunderstood.

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