What we bring

patent law and trademark law credentials

22 years patent prosecution experience

drafted and filed >450 Utility patent applications

been involved in the prosecution and management of >1500 Utility patent applications

6 years patent litigation experience

10 years trademark prosecution experience

2 years trademark litigation experience, including settlement negotiations and stand-still agreements before TTAB

Patent Law professor and guest lecturer at numerous Universities, including but not limited to Johns Hopkins University, University of South Florida, Murray State University, University of Tampa, and Arizona State University

Entrepreneurship experience, incubators, economic development

Guest lecturer and presenter on entrepreneurship topics, Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation (KSTC.com): 2005-present

Frequent contributor and provider of guidance, Florida Business Incubator (FloridaBusinessIncubator.com): 2015-present

Been working with startups, small businesses, inventors, and early-stage companies since 2005, provided some sort of counsel or guidance to >40 small businesses

Provide guidance and made presentations to Small Business Development Centers since 2013