bLOCKCHAIN: lots of scams, lots of legitimate usages also

Lets be Honest: Blockchain is getting off to a scammy start

First of all, blockchain principles are incredibly powerful and require an intense amount of computation and math to put together. However, this authentic foundation is often overlooked by the incredibly amount of media hype, scams, ICOs, and Winklevoss-hysteria.

We are just starting to see what Blockchain can do in a non-Hype context, and the initial indicators are that Blockchain, and/or distributed ledger, are pretty impressive. Consequently, we started this section of our website, and will be filling it in more as time goes by. Suffice to say that Blockchain itself is not quack science or a basis for a con, but instead can have real value. To support this, he chart above shows several examples of legitimate companies serving legitimate purposes. Most of these companies you have probably never heard of. And like with other fledgling industries, companies are filing patents and staking out their turf.

The reason Blockchain is associated with cons and scams is hard to briefly explain, but part of it is FOMO. There is also the BitCoin hype, and other reasons too complex to briefly explain.

This law firm wants more exposure and presence in this (wildly misunderstood) industry. If you are trying to get reliable, accurate information on Blockchain and/or Distributed Ledger technology, please contact us. At the same time, do not be deceived by blockchain patents, or value of a  certain coin, or ICO's. These are all misunderstood, and can sometimes serve as the basis for scams and cons.

With Blockchain ICO's, ignore your FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Instead, replace your ICO FOMO with MO (Miss Out). Feel confident and relaxed in your MO, in your Missing Out on the latest Blockchain ICO scam. There will be plenty more.

Blockchain patent data (current and up-to-date)

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