Patent Anatomy

Government Forms (Provisional-only)

Use these forms at your own risk. They are the same forms that many attorneys use.

Patent Forms

Template Patent Application

Feel free to download and use this example patent application, but do so at your own risk.

Example patent application

Patent Drawings to work from

These patent images, many directly from patent applications, should be worth 1000 words.

See lots of patent drawings

Understanding International patent principles (complex)


There is no way to briefly explain this, except for one thing. International patent filings are monster-expensive.

Brief Summary of International patent considerations

Types of patent applications


There are many different types of patent applications. This website focuses mostly on the difference between Provisional and non-Provisional (Uutility). But that is not the end of it.

Find out more about types of patents

Patents are not the answer to everything


Your invention may be an ugly baby, and you may be wasting your money. We see this a lot.

How to face the truth about your invention

Important government Patent Forms (use at your own risk)

We provide these forms as a courtesy, and often file using these exact same specific files ourselves. However, we have heard of others having difficulty with these specific files. First, Mac users sometimes have difficulty opening these files, due to some type of PDF problem or Adobe problem. Second, computers with either up-level or down-level versions of Adobe products may also react in some way. 

As such, we offer these forms only as a courtesy. You can not file a Provisional patent application without a Provisional Transmittal. As such, these forms are important, but we do not guarantee that your computer will properly work with them. Do not contact us about these forms, we will not answer, and use these forms at your own risk.

SB0015a form certifying Micro-Entity status (pdf)


SB0016 Provisional Transmittal (pdf)


Example Template Patent Application

This patent application discusses ants, and using ants for entertainment. Use this application at your own risk.


patent drawings

Elements of Successful Drawings

If you arrived at this site looking for information about "patent illustrator", "patent art", "patent drawings", "formal patent drawings" and/or something similar, then you are in the right place! Numerous examples of patent drawings are contained in this website.

Above is an example of an informal patent drawing on the left (a roofing rail), and then that same invention rendered into formal patent drawings. Other drawings, suitable for use in a Provisional application, are also shown. Remember, the frying pan and the welding-torch-cart images are examples of images that most people could create themselves. However, these could only be used in a Provisional application, if they were filed in their existing form within a Utility application, that application would receive a Formal Objection and its filing date could be compromised.

See gallery of patent drawings

This section has less words because, well, drawings should be visually understandable without a lot of explanation. We created a section of patent drawings showing all kinds of format, all of which are permissible and statutory within the US Patent Office. We hope you find it helpful.

gallery of patent drawnings

international patents: often not worth the costs

Make Sure you Want This!


If you arrived at this site inquiring about "international patent protection", "how to patent product in india process", "pct patent", "pct patent application", "how to patent your idea in india", and/or something similar, then you are in the right place! Information about international patent applications, including but not limited to India, can be found here.

Beware, International patent protection can be expensive. Any estimates regarding specific costs require extensive inquiry that is very fact-dependent and situation-dependent.

No matter what, plan on paying "bigly". IOW, "yuuuge" fees & hassle. And even after paying all this, you still may never get a patent in any given country. Or, you may be granted a patent in one country or region, but not in another.


Types of patent applications

Difficult to briefly explain

This section will briefly discuss Design patents, Utility patents, and Provisional patents.

The drawing above shows two design-patent drawings surrounding a utility-patent drawing. Design patents can only protect ornamental not functional features, while Utility-patent drawings can only protect functional features (although sometimes, ornamental features also have functionality).

The Design drawings were for a type of baby-garment, and the Utility drawing is for a type of ramp-surface.


Regarding the queries "ppa application", "convention patent application", "utility patent", "provisional online application", "provisional patent application form", "apply for provisional", "provisional patent application", "how to file a provisional patent", "how to file a patent yourself", "how to apply for a provisional patent", "provisional patent", "how to get a provisional patent", and "preliminary patent", this is a difficult topic to briefly explain. 

Suffice to say that a Provisional patent application can take many different forms and formats, and sometimes have to filed in a great hurry and without a lot of formal preparation. At the same time, such rushed applications may afford only a limited amount of actual protection. Examples of Provisional drawings are shown in another section just above this one. Specific examples include the frying pan and the welding-torch-cart.

Meanwhile, Utility applications have very strict formatting requirements.


Regarding the queries "how to apply for a patent online", "online patent application", "how do you file a patent", "online patent filing", "apply for patent online", "provisional online application", "filing a patent yourself", "file provisional patent online", "file for patent myself", "how to submit a patent", and "how to apply for a patent online", again, we refer you to the excellent YouTube video that was discussed earlier. Also, below is an excellent book aimed at inventors trying to learn the patent system for themselves, the book is called "how to save money on patents" and can be found here.



Regarding the inquiries "can you patent an idea", "can I patent an idea", the answer is YES. It is not necessary that an invention have been built in order to be protected. However, the best patent disclosures are so because they reflect alterations and adjustments that can only be discovered during an actual, hands-on build process.

Regarding "what inventions can be patented", "how do i get a patent on an idea", "can i patent an idea", "how to patent an invention idea", "patent a product idea", "how to protect your idea", "how to patent a concept", "how to protect an invention idea", "how to protect your patent idea", "patent your idea", "how to patent my idea", "protect your idea", "how can i patent my idea", "protect my idea", "new invention ideas", "how to patent an idea", "how to get a patent on an idea", "new patent ideas", "ideas and inventions", "patent my idea", "patent ideas", "patent an idea", and "protect an idea", we get these inquiries a lot. As has been discussed before, two good places to start are the book "How to Save Money on Patents" (below), and also the YouTube video showing the Electronic Filing process.